Facts from the film

  • If the Monsanto/Bayer merger goes ahead, the combined company would control 29% of the global seed market.
    Mother Jones 

  • In 2013, Monsanto, Dupont and Syngenta controlled 55% of the global seed market.
    Financial Times

  • Dupont, the second largest seed company, controls 21% of the global seed market.

  • Monsanto has filed 175 lawsuits against farmers since 1990.
    Susan A Schneider, Food, Farming, and Sustainability, pp. 583-84 (2011), Monsanto , Wikipedia .

  • 70% of the world’s food is produced on small farms.

  • Britain currently imports 85% of its fresh fruit.
    Science Policy Research Unit - University of Sussex

  • 80% of the UK’s bread is produced through the industrial Chorley Woods process.

  • Landowners receive approximately £250 per hectare for owning their land through the Single Farm Payment.
    The Land Magazine

  • The UK has 3,500 varieties of apple.
    Quadram Institute

  • 8 Supermarkets control 95.8% of grocery retail in the UK.
    Kantar Worldpanel

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